Steve Jobs is Still King

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Apple, Inc. chief Steve Jobs has ousted Google’s Sergey Brin and Larry Page moving into the number one position on the MediaGuardian 100 annual list of the most powerful people in media. With the launch of the iPad, Jobs’ innovative visions are changing the way we consume media and increasing his ranking from fourth place last year. In taking the top spot, Jobs has dethroned Brin and Page who maintained the top spot for the last three years.

Despite Jobs recently being blamed for iPhone 4 antenna issues, the company reported record quarterly earnings on huge sales of the iPad, iPhones, iPod Touches and Mac computers. The Apple brand reached a record $15.7 billion in quarterly sales, a 61% increase from last year, surpassing Wall Street expectations by nearly $1 billion, according to today’s Ad Age. Earnings also grew to $3.25 billion in net profit from $1.83 billion, an increase of 77% year-over-year.

The iPad tablet computer generated more than $2 billion alone, selling more than 3.27 million worldwide. Apple’s sales of Mac computers also reached a 3.47 million record while iPhone sales increased 61% this year to 8.4 million sold (not including the historic launch of iPhone 4). Despite an 8% decrease in sales, the iPod maintains leadership with nearly 10 million units sold. With iPod Touch sales up 50%, Apple remains the leader in portable music players.

With more new products expected to launch this year, Apple looks to a hopeful fourth quarter of $18 billion in sales. At this rate, Jobs can get comfortable in his new seat atop the 100 most powerful in media.

At third place on the media 100 is BBC chief Mark Thompson, who’s above News Corporation’s CEO, Rupert Murdoch. Twitter co-founder and CEO, Evan Williams rounds out the top five.

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