Steve Jobs: The Man Who Changed the World

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Everyone is talking about the death of Steve Jobs from pancreatic cancer. The man who co-founded Apple Computer revolutionized the world of technology. He created the idea of the personal computer before anyone had ever considered the possibility. He brought technology to the masses, where before such a thing was virtually unheard of.

MSNBC reports that Jobs’ legacy is one of elegance, simplicity, and ease of use; things that have always distinguished Apple since the early days of the Apple II. When the Macintosh was released, it again revolutionized the way people used computers. What was a mouse? Icons? The ability to have different windows open at the same time? This was all a part of the forward-thinking vision that Steve Jobs had for Apple Computer. And amazingly, Jobs was only 30 years old when the Mac was introduced on January 24, 1984.

Just about every gadget you’ve got in your hand can be traced back to Steve Jobs and his innovative mind for technology. Simply put, the man was brilliant. In an August 24 piece honoring Jobs and his accomplishments, he points out that not even Bill Gates comes close. While Jobs changed the world five times, Forrester blogger Josh Bernoff writes, Gates only changed it twice; with Windows and DOS.

The man who built the world-changing Macintosh computer for himself, has inevitably made way for the new, the young, and the even more innovative. And no matter what happens from here on out, the world will credit Steve Jobs with changing the world.

Image: Steve Jobs in 1984

Image: Steve Jobs with the first Macintosh computer, 1984

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