Steve Nash Trade Pursued By Three Teams

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The Steve Nash trade talk is not going away as three teams continue to pursue him. Leading the list for a Nash trade are the Portland Trail Blazers, a franchise that has been looking to acquire the All-Star point guard for a number of years now. Marc Stein of ESPN just reported that the Blazers are pushing hard to pry Nash away from the Phoenix Suns, but it isn’t clear what the franchise is willing to offer in return.

If the Blazers traded for Nash, he would become the starting point guard and allow Jamal Crawford to return to his familiar role off the bench. Any deal would likely send Raymond Felton over to Phoenix to try to match up some salaries, which works very well because Felton is also a free agent at the end of the current season. Stein floated the name of Nicolas Batum as a carrot that the Blazers could dangle, but there have been no indications that Portland would part with Batum for any combination of players.

In addition to the Blazers pushing hard for Nash, it seems that the Dallas Mavericks and Orlando Magic also want to trade for Nash. That’s in addition to the ongoing interest from the New York Knicks and coach Mike D’Antoni, who was with Nash in Phoenix for a number of years. There are continued rumors that the Knicks will go after Nash in free agency after this season, but with the emergence of Jeremy Lin as the Knicks’ point guard, it should surprise nobody if they back off.

With all of the interest and pressure that the owner of the Phoenix Suns has to be feeling, it’s surprising that he isn’t more willing to part with Steve Nash. Do you think it is because he wants to convince his fans that the franchise is still trying to win? Or is this a smokescreen for a struggling franchise to continue selling tickets to fans that want to watch Nash?

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