Steve Urkel actor Jaleel White is cleared in assault case

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In real life “Family Matters” the Urkel actor has been cleared of a recent charge by his baby’s mother.  According to a variety of sources, Steve Urkel actor Jaleel White has recently been cleared of Battery charges.  The famous actor from the hit television show “Family Matters” had been charged with punching his baby’s mother in front of their child, according to

11 April 2010 - Los Angeles, California - Jaleel White. The 2nd Annual Streamy Awards held at the Orpheum Theatre. Photo Credit: Byron Purvis/AdMedia

A MyFoxBoston report notes that the 33-year-old actor allegedly punched Bridget Hardy in her breast implant.  The couple was driving on the Pacific Coast Highway about three weeks ago, along with their daughter.  Hardy also alleged that White slapped and punched her once they got home.

Apparently, Hardy filed her report just last week at the LAPD.  Due to the fact the LAPD had a lack of sufficient evidence, charges were dropped.  Jaleel White’s rep claims “There was absolutely no battery … no abuse … and the incident never happened.”

“This is just a ploy in an ongoing custody battle over their young daughter to tarnish his name,”   (MyFoxBoston)

Jaleel White’s attorney has also questioned the credibility and timing of Hardy’s report, because she had waited so long before filing a police report.  White is of course famous for playing the nerdy character named Steve Urkel on “Family Matters” a sitcom which ran for 9 seasons.  His catch phrase was “Did I Do that?” in a whiny nasal voice, but the character became a pop icon and TV hero to many.


It’s always tough to tell who’s lying these days, but these Hollywood custody battles are getting way too messy.  Things get really heated when it’s over the love of a child, but you never know if the baby’s mother has other intentions by trying to ruin White’s image or get child support payments.

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