Steven Seagal accused of sexual harassment by Ray Charles granddaughter

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Go to fullsize imageAlthough legendary actor Steven Seagal  denied recent sexual harassment allegations it doesn’t help when victims  are stepping forward.

Blair Robinson, the late Ray Charles granddaughter has recently came forward saying Steven Seagal invited her to his home for an interview as a personal assistant. She said her father Ray Charles jr escorted her to the interview and she was hired right away.

After several weeks on the job Blair and other co-workers met in a hotel in Memphis, TN for a staff meeting. He later held a private meeting with Blair in her hotel room where he proceeded to give her a japanesse massage. Blair said Seagal told her the massage was apart of the job, but it made her feel uncomfortable. She asked Seagal to leave and called her mother. Blair’s mother sent her a ticket home to Los Angeles and Blair never returned to work.

It is a good thing Blair stopped Seagal when she did but one would wonder is this story going to get as much publicity as Tiger Woods.

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