Steven Slater – Perfect for Reality TV or Feature Film – Or Are His 15 Minutes Up?

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It hasn’t even been a full 24-hours since his story broke and Steven Slater is already one of the most famous men in America…for today anyway. So, will Hollywood capitalize on his notoriety?

The fed up JetBlue flight attendant shocked plane passengers, upset authorities, and inspired throngs of disgruntled employees when he quit his job with the airline on Monday by ranting over the loudspeaker, grabbing a beer, deploying the emergency chute and sliding down to his freedom, according to

Slater was understandably stressed after being smacked on the head with a piece of luggage that fell from the overhead bin and receiving a few choice words from an unruly customer. But he’s also been dealing with some more difficult issues lately. Slater’s mother is suffering from terminal lung cancer, and his father recently passed away. A family friend says he’s been having a difficult time.

The now unemployed 38-year-old’s story is definitely the stuff movies, TV shows and best sellers are made of.‘s Marquee Blog wondered aloud today who should play Steven in a movie about his life. A few of their suggestions? Kiefer Sutherland, or the newly single Hayden Christensen.

But is a movie the best genre for Slater’s story? In a culture obsessed with reality TV, maybe the gay flight attendant from Queens should be the next Bravo star. Perhaps he’d be perfect for the Gay Housewives show. Of course, that would have to be after he strikes it rich for selling the publishing rights to his story. He’s gonna do that too, isn’t he?

It is possible Steven Slater might fizzle away when his 15 minutes are up, but chances are he’ll stick around for at least a little longer – like Joe the Plumber or Ashley Dupre.

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