Steven Tyler continues to dominate ‘American Idol:’ Recap February 16

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Steven Tyler continues to dominate American Idol. Last night he became the center of attention as one of the 39 groups had him participate on stage as part of their prop.  Tyler sat in a chair while the group members sang and strutted their stuff around him. Tyler was distracted and it may have interfered with his ability to judge. However, Jennifer Lopez and Randy Jackson had no issues with keeping cool. Of the four members in the group, only Lauren Alaina made it to the next round.

On another note, Tyler jumped on stage to perform a drum solo while waiting on a group, Spanglish. One of the members of the group, Kevin Campos, over slept. It didnÂ’t fare well for him. Just two members of the group moved on. Kevin was not included.

One word sums up Group Night, painful. Lopez and Jackson were seen making grimacing faces while some of the singers belted out notes, off-key. Randy Jackson’s line for the night was, “…end of the line.”

But, for a few of our favorite singers the journey continues, including James Durbin and Julie Zorrilla.

Heart breaks, break-ups, pressure, tension and exhaustion played a role in Group Night. But the remaining contestants better grin and bear it, there’s a lot more coming their way – especially if they make it all the way to the finals. American Idol is just a warm up to the real world of entertainment. Welcome to Hollywood!

Tonight will prove to be another interesting round of eliminations. Tune in tonight on FOX – 8/7C. Do you have a favorite already?


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