Steven Tyler Spills the Beans About His ‘American Idol’ Split

According to Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler, there was more to the split between him and American Idol than he first made public. That has fans wondering what could have gotten wrong with the seemingly perfect gig.

According to Tyler, he didn’t like show producers pushing him to take over the role vacated by curmudgeon, Simon Cowell. They wanted him to insult and crush the show’s young contestants. However, Steven wasn’t into that kind of judging approach.

“The show’s about kids and what you do to nurture their talents,” said Tyler. “They (the show producers) wanted me to take the P**s out of them (the contestants)…That’s not what I’m about,” he insisted, noting that it was, however, a perfect approach for Cowell.

That’s not to say Tyler wasn’t harsh when the contestants’ vocals fell short. He just didn’t approach judging them from the same negative angle Simon took. Instead, he opted to point out both the good and the bad in a more balanced approached. Sadly, that wasn’t what the producers wanted.

As for leaving the American Idol gig, it’s no skin off Steven Tyler’s nose. He’s happy with the decision. “I loved it and I hated it,” said Tyler. “…I sat next to J. Lo and I made a ton of money.”

That’s obviously the kind of gig a lot of singers might kill for. However, Tyler has more dignity than that and it is definitely admirable.

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