Stevie J of ‘Love and Hip Hop’ Told to Go ‘Kill Himself’ by His Girlfriend!

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Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez of Love and Hip Hop have had quite the rocky relationship, but it looks as though Joseline is done with Stevie’s cheating ways and is now airing all his dirty laundry on Twitter.

In a series of angry tweets, Joseline says that Stevie is a drug addict, abuses women and is bisexual. It’s not clear if any of this is true or not but it sure sounds pretty ugly if it is.

The entire tirade could also be one big publicity stunt, too, since reality TV stars tend to do things that will put them in the spotlight no matter how crazy they sound.

Here’s what’s being reported on Media Take Out’s website :

“We’re not sure if she’s just ANGRY cause he cheated . . . but Joseline from Love And Hip Hop is putting her boyfriend Stevie J ON BLIZZ_ZAST!!!

She claims that not only is he ON DRUGS . . . but he beats her . . . and he’s bisexual.

How much you wanna bet that she’ll be back with Steebie’s abusive, junkie, gay self before the week is out?”

Do you think that Stevie and Joseline will get back together? Do you believe her claims?

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