Stevie Wonder Comment Offensive to Gays

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Stevie Wonder commented recently on Frank Ocean’s coming out and quite frankly offended gays and heterosexuals alike with his closed-minded remarks.

According to a report from, fans of both persuasions are calling on Stevie to either apologize or admit his own confusion.

“I think honestly, some people who think they’re gay, they’re confused. People ca? Stevie Wonder ?n misconstrue closeness for love. People can feel connected, they bond. I’m not saying all [gay people are confused]. Some people have a desire to be with the same-sex. But that’s them,” the singer said.

Frank Ocean of Odd Future is an R&B singer and hip-hop icon who has written music for the likes of Justin Bieber, Beyoncé and John Legend. He announced his coming out after a review of his upcoming album Channel Orange claimed “the singer “[opens] up about his sexuality on the album” and noted that “…on the songs ‘Bad Religion’, ‘Pink Matter, and ‘Forrest Gump’ you can hear him sing about being in love and there are quite obvious words used like ‘him’ and not ‘her’.”

How does Stevie Wonder’s comment make you feel? Are you surprised the singer who spent his entire life singing about sunshine and love has such a cloudy outlook on the emotion when relating it to homosexuality?

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