Stickatude Back in Business Selling Racist Bumper Stickers

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The Stickatude website was down immediately following a report of them selling a racist, anti-Obama bumper sticker with the words “Don’t Re-Nig”. At the time, the sticker was credited to a site called “Stumpy’s Stickers”. The Stumpy’s site is still down; however, the owner seems to have wanted to capitalize on her racist views.

The registered owner of the site is reportedly Paula Smith. She lives in Hinesville, Georgia. In the Forbes exclusive article by Roger Friedman, Ms. Smith reportedly “thought the website was “dead” and up until recently none of her bumper stickers was selling at all”. Really? So, she kept the premium paid for the site hosting and didn’t bother checking it, updating it or monitoring her sales? The site has been in existence since 2010 and the copyright date on the site says 2012 so she most certainly has kept it up-to-date.

The more likely story is that Ms. Smith panicked and took the site down. Then someone suggested to her that she would make more money that ever because of the publicity so she set it back to being live again.

She doesn’t even have the decency to deny that by “Nig”, she meant “N*gger”. She sais the N-word is not a bad word. Her response to being asked if it was bad:

“No,” she said, ” because I don’t use it. I have kids here around me that are black kids. I call them my own kids. I’ve helped black families…to guide them in the right direction. Paintball is one of these things. We like to laugh and have a good time. That’s our way of life.”

So, it’s not bad because she doesn’t use it? Does she realize that her explanation itself is racist?! She thinks black families need her “guidance”?!

And the site has a menu selection of Banners, Biker Helmet Stickas‘, Christian Stickas, Funny Stickas, Political Stickas, and Paintball Bumpter Stickas’. What’s with the possessive on the end of some of the words? Also, under the Poltical Stickas are ONLY offensive, anti-Obama stickers. Nothing for or against any other political figure and the stickers are entirely anti-Democrat. Perhaps the heading should read Anti-Obama Stickas or Anti-Democrat Stickas?

There is also a disclaimer on the site under the “political” items that reads:

“We are not PRO republican, We are not PRO democrat.(definitely not pro-Obama) We are Americans! We enjoy free speech and the right to bear arms! We do not care if you are gay or straight. We are natural smartasses who enjoy our job and our freedoms as Americans! May God be with our troops and watch over them and keep them safe.”

They felt the need to say they don’t care about gays because there’s a sticker that says “Let Men Marry Men and Women Marry Women, In Three Generations There Won’t Be Any Democrats”. But they don’t feel the need to make a disclaimer that they don’t care about skin color for the “Re-Nig” sticker. That says a lot.

The Stickatude slogan is even racist. Sticka. Nigga. Bigots think it’s okay to use the word as long as it ends in an a and not er.

So, the owner of the site is not a Republican? And not racist? She lied about thinking the site was “dead”, what make you think she’s not lying about her political affiliation?

The picture below is one of the site’s anti-Obama sticker slogans.


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