Still Married Jenelle Evans Goes to Lunch With Gary Head

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Jenelle Evans has dominated Teen Mom news for the past month. She got married, pregnant, miscarried, and separated all in the span of a few short weeks and she is continuing to shock people with her behavior.

After spending the day in the hospital for a reported miscarriage, she went out for a night of fun. The move offended a lot of people who felt the reality show star had merely faked her pregnancy and subsequent miscarriage to earn some quick cash. Even more surprising, though, was who was by her bedside. While Courtland Rogers was unaccounted for, Jenelle’s ex-boyfriend Gary Head accompanied her to the hospital. After that, they went out partying, but their rendezvous didn’t end there!

On Sunday, Jenelle retweeted, “Olive Garden with @PBandJenelley_1@joejoebeall21.”

While it is great to see Jenelle getting on with her life, it is quite peculiar that she is openly spending so much time with Gary. The two didn’t end their relationship on the best terms, to say the least, but it looks as though they have gotten over all of that.

It is best to keep in mind that, legally, Jenelle Evans is still married. Her lawyer revealed on Friday that she has not yet filed the necessary paperwork for divorce, either. She has not been talking with Courtland Rogers (who has been absent from social networking), but it seems likely that she still plans on filing for divorce.

Are you surprised that Jenelle is hanging out with Gary Head again?

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