Sting, John Legend, James Cameron at Climate Rally, Earth Day concert on National Mall in Washington DC (PHOTOS)

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Sting, John Legend, James Cameron, The Roots, Joss Stone, Rev. Jesse Jackson and Bob Weir were just some of the entertainers came out to support The Climate Rally, an Earth Day concert, on the National Mall in Washington. Technically while not on Earth Day, this concert gave people the opportunity to understand why the earth is important to honor and what we can do to change our ways for the better.

CLICK HERE to see photos of the event.

The idea behind the large event was to gather together to talk about renewable energy, sustainable consumption and development of green jobs for the United States as well as the world. Giving their name to the cause, the celebrities were hoping people would come out and listen, which is exactly what happened.

Being this was a rally, the speakers at the event included Rev. Jesse Jackson and author Margaret Atwood. Sharing ideas on how we can better control our environment and make the world a better place. It also attracted Avatar director James Cameron. In his talk to the crowd he described the event to be a very special occasion.

“You need to be warriors for the Earth and create change, but your tools will not be physical weapons but words,” said Cameron.

CLICK HERE to see photos of the event.

Over 200,000 people attended today’s event.

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