Stink Bugs Extra Bad This Year – Pests Invading Homes and Crops

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Stink bugs are heading inside for the fall. Unfortunately, the menace actually is a serious threat to fruit orchards this year as well.

The ugly brown stink bugs are coming inside for the fall, and they are working to destroy fruit crops. There are all sorts of way to get rid of stink bugs in a home, which are an annoyance, but do not really cause a major problem.

Getting Rid of Stink Bugs in a House

You can get rid of the stinky bugs by flushing them, vacuuming them, putting them in soapy water, squashing them and sticking them to duct tape. The bugs do not bite and they do not destroy wood, so they do not cause an issue in most houses.

Farmers are more concerned about the pests though. They can eat almost anything, and some fruit orchards can lose almost 40 percent of their crops to stink bugs. They have no natural predators in the U.S. It appears as if this year the stink bugs are extra bad.

Do you have a problem with stink bugs in your home or with your crops? How do you get rid of the problem?

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