Stop Funding the War in Iraq

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A thought just occurred to me. If everyone who opposes the war, (which as of August 2007, stands at 55% according to Zogby International), stops paying their taxes, it would cut funding for the war by more than half. I do not believe that the IRS would be able to jail nearly 165,000,000 people.

Considering the fact that our tax dollars also are being used to construct permanent bases in Iraq, helping to fund reconstruction projects that have been doled out solely to friends of the Bush adminstration, and lining the pockets of mercenary companies like Blackwater, it might be a good idea to demand, absent an accounting of the use of our tax dollars, a say in how our money is being spent. With a recession having arrived, and a depression looming, not to mention the condition of the real estate market, healthcare, and our miserable job outlook, it might behoove us to demand that our money is used here in this country to remedy all of the problems we have had dropped on our heads by the Busheviks.

I think it's high time that the people of this country stop kowtowing to the Bush administration and begin to hold them accountable for their actions by stripping it of its funding for a war that is killing Americans and innocent Iraqis in numbers that will probably never truly be known. We have also alienated ourselves from the rest of the world; we are more hated than ever. We need to change our policies and get the hell out of Iraq immediately. The only people who can rebuild Iraq are the Iraqis. They are capable, well-educated, and know much better than we do, just what Iraq needs.

Let's stop this nonsense together.

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