‘Storage Wars’ – $24,000 in Cash Found Mutilated in Old Trunk

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‘Storage Wars’ new season starts next week and the most bizarre find yet will be in one of the new episodes. One of the stars paid $400 for a unit and inside an old trunk was $24,000 in cold cash with each bill missing the head of the President.

Talk about a heart stopping find, just when you thought you hit it big, the mutilated bills look ruined. Can you imagine the elation when the new owner of this fantastic “Storage Wars” chest of loot finds out that it is still legal tender? According to TMZ, the Treasury Department says as long as the bills still had their serial numbers, the money is good!

For those who don’t know what “Storage Wars” is all about, it is a reality show that follows a group of self-storage auction goers around California. They bid against each other and of course, the highest bidder gets the unit. What makes this so interesting is the people bidding just get to stand in front of the unit and gaze in, they cannot look in the boxes or even venture into the unit. So what they are bidding on is mostly unseen.

When they “win” the bid, it is like opening presents. You don’t know what you just purchased. This has its very good scenarios and its very bad scenarios with every possible scenario in between! The other draw to this show is the dynamics between the personalities of this group of auction bidders. They can deliver a cut-throat performance when it comes to bidding against one another.

They back stab , play games, use tricks and call each other names, as they embark on bidding on storage units abandoned by their previous owners. They do have some redeeming qualities and even though a few of them are legends in their own minds, the group is a likeable bunch.

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