‘Storage Wars’ ‘Brandi’s First Time’ Recap on A&E

“Storage Wars” launched another season with the regulars still showing up to harass each other. One person who is missing is Jarrod who is overseeing the construction of their store as Brandi goes it alone.

The first locker is won by Dave Hester and contains Japanese games like Pachinko and other old games of the same genre. Dave was not too happy with this one and Barry bid him up too and came snooping around to gloat at Dave’s misfortune. Dave was really unhappy to find that the Pachinko machines were nearly worthless.

For their $3,350, Darryl and Brandon Sheets were thrilled to find a lot of tools in their locker. They also found buried a cache of Coca Cola bottles from all over the world. They found a commercial Coca Cola vending machine in great condition. The vintage Coke bottles and the rest of the items gave them a profit of $2,140 making them the winner of the day.

Dave Hester came in second with a loss of $750, but Brandi’s day was a total loss of $2,300 because the safe was empty, and there was no value to anything else in the locker. But Jarrod knew she meant well and did not make a big deal out of the loss. Better luck next time on “Storage Wars.”

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