‘Storage Wars’ Recap ‘Sheets and Geeks’ on A&E

“Storage Wars” begins with the theme, “Money Owns This Town,” with regulars in the town of Santa Ana, California. Dave Hester shows up with his familiar cry, “Yuuup!” Barry Weiss, Darrell and Brandon Sheets and Brandi and Jarrod continued to bicker on the way there and Dan and Laura are the auctioneers.

The first locker is sparse but has a box with an H-O Train set and nothing much else. Barry is bidding, guess he got his phobia under control, but Dave Hester is still bidding, then Barry wins for $595. The train set is in great condition and other stuff looks like mainly junk. Barry found old records that don’t seem like much of a return on his money until he finds a lot of old larger trains, but they are not in great shape.

The next locker has lots of stuff in containers and musical stuff. Brandi and Jarrod want this one, but so does Barry who is on a roll, jumping bids by big amounts, but Jarrod sticks in there and wins it for $3400. As they look through their locker, Brandi and Jarrod argue again. They find an old combination keyboard and guitar they hope to profit from. They take it to a friend who plays a similar instrument who tells them it is worth $1200.

The third locker seems like just a bunch of junk. Darrell knows that Jarrod paid top price for his last locker and wins it for $350. Darrell and Brandon found a lot of great stuff in a locker that seemed to have no hope. They found a bunch of Magic—the Gathering cards that are worth $700.

Darrell was the big winner with a profit just short of $3000, while Dave kept his money in his pocket. Barry Weiss lost just $5 on his trains and stuff and Brandi and Jarrod lost $800 on their overpriced locker.

Stay tuned to see who will be the next winners and losers on the next “Storage Wars.”

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