‘Storage Wars’ Recap ‘The Fast and the Curious’ in Lancaster, California

The Storage Wars regulars are in the desert town of Lancaster, California home to big houses and hopefully for the warriors, great finds. It is also the stomping ground of a veteran bidder, Jeff Jarred who believes that auctioneers Laurie and Dan Dotson play favorites and he will not shut up about it.

Jeff Jarred won the first unit for $350. He found mostly Christmas items and figurines. He found a large tiki god or tribal carving holding a spear and a wooden tall carved cat that were both worth about $200-250.

The next one is a household unit with nothing that really seems worth much money to Brandi and Jarrod, but Barry seems interested and so does Darryl who wins it for $600. They found hair care products in their locker along with high-end clothing.

The third one is tools and assorted car parts that attracts Barry’s attention, but that of Darrell who keeps bidding Barry up until he lets Barry have it for $1,050. Barry is like a kid in the candy shop looking through the car parts for super-charged cars of the sixties. Barry seeks out his friend, drag racing star, Antron Brown who loved the car parts.

Dave Hester was again nowhere to be found, as he told fans that he is pursuing other ventures after selling his thrift shop. Somewhere out there, Dave is sure to show up with his familiar cry; “Yuppppp!”

Lancaster turned out to be profitable for all by Jarrod and Brandi who wasted their time.

Barry Weiss made the best profit with $2,275 from the car parts.

Jeff Jarred made a cool $900 on the tiki and carvings.

Darryl made out well with the women’s clothing for $535.

Stay tuned to see who will be the next winners and losers on the next Storage Wars.

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