‘Storage Wars’ Recap ‘The Full Monty-Bello’ and Dave Hester Is Back!

“Storage Wars” opens to the theme, “Money Owns This Town.” Regulars are in the town of Montebello, California, home to both an industrial and residential population and—hopefully for the warriors—great finds. Although Dave Hester is featured in the opening credits as “The Mogul,” fans saw Jeff Jarred again in this episode. Somewhere out there, Dave is sure to show up with his familiar cry: “Yuppppp!” Barry Weiss showed up in a vehicle that resembled a yacht on wheels, while Darryl and Brandon and Brandi and Jarrod continued to bicker on the way there.

The first locker was household stuff but nothing spectacular to the regulars and to everyone’s surprise, Jarrod bid $800 and won it. Mark, a friend and helper of Jarrod was mad as heck that the camera was in his face and quit working for them because he did not want to be on television.

The next locker contained tools and a motorized wheelchair. Barry loves motors and wheels and got it for $1800. Barry is lamenting that Dave Hester was not there to bid him up over $3000. He also found a robotic lawnmower but it did not cut grass.

Meanwhile, Dave was in Costa Mesa, California going through a locker he got for $150 and he should be making a cool profit while his cohorts are probably bidding each to death. Dave found several old stock certificates, but they were not redeemable for cash, but they were in good condition and the paper value was about $400.

The next locker in Montebello has lots of toys that seem to be vintage collectibles. Darrell won it for $850 as Jarrod patted himself on the back for bidding up and sticking it to Darrell. Darrell was happy to find several collectibles, like Pez dispensers, dolls and stuff that might be worth a good buck.

The bottom line: Darrell made a cool $21,700, Dave Hester came away with $1185, Jarrod lost $800, and Barry also lost $950.

Stay tuned to see who will be the next winners and losers on the next “Storage Wars.”

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