‘Storage Wars Texas’ Recap: ‘A Fistful of Auctions’

The “Storage Wars: Texas” regulars are all back for this episode, including Roy Williams, new to the storage wars, but an ex-warrior on the Dallas Cowboy’s playing field.

This episode finds the bidders in the Dallas area of Texas once again. The first locker is full of clothes and lots of boxes. Lesa needs to pay the bills from the store and needs a good sale to help her out. Lesa got the locker for $350 and found a collection of old sun glasses made in France and one pair was worth $500.

Next up is a locker with furniture and a refrigerator. A woman with a little dog keeps bidding up the regulars. Bubba got this one for $350, but he is not a fan of the heat and wished he was somewhere else.

The next auction is in Lewisville, Texas and Roy joined this one but spotted Victor, his nemesis. Victor loves to push Roy’s buttons. Actually Victor enjoys pushing Lesa’s buttons too.

The locker has a hot tub and more stuff so the bidding starts with
Victor and ends with Victor the victor at $900; as the bidding was rising, Roy doubted that the hot tub even worked.

Roy and Victor view the next locker that Roy wins for $850. A local started the bidding at $500 sending Victor packing. Roy got caught up in the bidding and found something interesting; he found a 1976 Texas Instruments Little Professor calculator but it was only worth $30.

Ricky & Bubba found a collection of old western figurines that had liquor inside. They took them to an appraiser and the collection, although not complete, was worth about $300.

The wins and losses are as follows:

Lesa made a profit of $900;

Ricky & Bubba made $850;

Victor made $730;

And Roy was dropped for a loss of $727 on this episode of “Storage Wars: Texas.”

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