‘Storage Wars: Texas’ Recap ‘Bubbapocalypse Now’ on A&E

In Storage Wars: Texas there are new and old faces, but there is sure to be fireworks when newbies meet up with the regulars. This season we met Jenny Grumbles, called the Dazzler in the intro. The Rangers are back in the names of Ricky and Bubba Smith, father and son who like the others own their own business in the antique and collectible genre. Victor Rjesnjansky, the New York transplant labeled The Outsider is still trying to fit in down in Texas and has two businesses with his partner Joann. The Junkster is Mary Padian, whom viewers met through The Doc, Morris “Moe” Prigoff, when she refurbished items for him. She turns junk into works of art and now has a place among the regulars. Moe is a doctor who loves both of his careers and has been in the antique business as long as he has been a doctor. Mary and Moe work both solo and as a team.

This episode finds the bidders in Arlington, Texas, home of Six Flags over Texas. Victor is looking for expensive toys. Moe and Mary are planning their strategy as a team today. Bubba and Ricky are not thrilled to see Victor there today. The first locker is neatly stacked stuff from an apartment, but not an expensive one. There are collectibles in this one and Victor sets his sights on this one, but so does Rickey and Bubba. Finally the bidding stops with Bubba at $1,050. When they check it out, they find sports collectibles, comic books, a silver perpetual calendar and a bunch of other stuff. They took the calendar to a collector who considered it valuable and from the 1700s and worth about $3,500.

The next locker has old furniture and lots of piled up attic finds. Mary and Moe have their eye on this one. The winner is Jenny for $325. Mary loved the old furniture with ornate carving that is not found on modern day furniture. The 1970s Santa was also a sign of joy for her, but the antique vibrator was an eerie find. She brought it to a collector who told her that it was used mainly by doctors for women with hysteria. It was worth $150 because it was in its own box with the instructions included.

The third one has a boat motor, fishing stuff and time for Ricky and Bubba to get revenge on Victor. Victor did get it but for $1,125 and Ricky and Bubba got their revenge. Victor found much of nothing valuable but a box of Barbie dolls in their boxes that were not in good condition and only worth about $125 because the boxes were crushed.

The final tally gave the winner to Ricky & Bubba for a profit of $3,420.

Jenny earned a profit of $280.

Moe & Mary did not get anything this time.

Victor got his comeuppance and took a loss of $450, but will probably get even on the next Storage Wars: Texas.

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