‘Storage Wars: Texas’ Recap ‘Flight of the Grumblebee’

In Storage Wars: Texas, not all the regulars are all back for a new season, but there is sure to be fireworks when newbies meet up with old faces. This season introduces Jenny Grumbles, called the Dazzler in the intro. The Rangers are back in the names of Ricky and Bubba Smith, father and son who like the others, own their own business in the antique and collectible genre. Victor Rjesnjansky, the New York transplant labeled The Outsider, is still trying to fit in down in Texas, but has two businesses with his partner, Joann. The Junkster is Mary Padian, whom fans met through The Doc, Morris “Moe” Prigoff when she refurbished items for him last season. She turns junk into works of art and now has a place among the regulars. Moe is a doctor who loves both of his careers and has been in the antique business as long as he has been a doctor.

This première episode finds the bidders in the resort town of Mineral Wells, Texas where celebrities came to drink the healing waters of the Mineral Wells. The first locker immediately draws the attention of Jenny, who Victor is trying to get to know. He seems to be coaching her that she should stay away from this one because of the smell. Ricky & Bubba see nothing interesting, but Victor starts the bidding at $50 and Jenny follows with $75 and Jenny wins it for $275 who plans to give the stuff a face-lift and make a nice profit.

The next locker is neatly stacked with a washer and dryer, a microwave and a chest of drawers. Realizing the value of the meager items in the locker, along with the mystery of what may be in the drawers, Victor wins it for $250.

The third one smells as soon as it is open and Victor stays away and Jenny wins it for $300. Suddenly everyone is shooing bugs away from them—they came from the locker Jenny just bought and they are termites.

Jenny goes to check out the first unit she won and likes what she sees; she can paint and refinish the furniture and make a good profit.

The next locker looks like an apartment that was filled with everything and is packed full. Victor wants to run up the bidding and does not want this one, and gets the price up to $2600 for Ricky and Bubba.

Jenny goes back to the buggy locker and decides to give up the cleaning fee and abandon this one.

Victor goes back to his locker and finds four dollars in the dresser drawers, then he finds a cigar dryer, lighter and a cigar cutter in another drawer.

Victor went to see Moe and ask him about the cigar items and he found out that the cigar dryer is only worth $150, but the lighter was worth about $4200 because it was gold and very unique.

Bubba and Ricky went to find out the value of a dog treadmill they found in their locker and it is worth $650.

This episode brought all winners to the auction: Victor made $4544; Ricky & Bubba made $3550; and Jenny made $169 because of the cleaning fee on the termite locker.

Who will be the next winners and losers in Storage Wars: Texas?

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