‘Storage Wars Texas’ Recap ‘High Tea Tighty’

“Storage Wars Texas” is in wealthy Lewisville, Texas, today for this episode with regulars Lesa Lewis and partner Jerry Simpson, Victor Rjesnjansky, Ricky and Bubba Smith, and now on his own, Roy Williams, former Dallas Cowboy.

This episode finds the bidders hoping to find treasures that someone left behind. The first locker was old furniture and lots of what Victor called junk. He bid up on this one just to do what he always does, bidding and not wanting. Lesa and Ricky were in a war, but Ricky won for $1,025.

The second locker had a player piano that Lesa wanted, but Jerry told her he was not going to move it and hurt his back. Roy and Victor were going back and forth until Lesa chimed in, but Victor got it for $550.

The third locker had various boxes, and Roy mentioned that he saw what he wanted, but Victor has no respect for this rookie. Roy got it for $650, and Victor is gloating for bidding him up.?

Roy got a tanning bed, golf clubs, and an old beat up trunk with nothing in it, an old crank siren that he took to a museum to check out. It was an air raid siren, a copy made in China, but worth about $120 anyway.

Ricky and Bubba found lots of what seemed like wedding gifts all in boxes. A commercial deep fryer, beautiful china cabinet, and a sterling silver tea set shaped like cars. They took them to an appraiser who valued the set at $9,000.

Victor found a double barrel shotgun that he took to the Jackson armory to find its value, and it was from 1870 and worth $2,000. So Victor made a good catch.

The winners and losers were:

Ricky & Bubba made a profit of $9,810 because of the tea set;

Victor got $2,125 for the furniture and the gun;

Roy made $320 on the siren and the rest of the stuff;

While Lesa and Jerry just didn’t win a bid on “Storage Wars: Texas.”

Siren photo: Wikimedia Player Piano: Wikimedia

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