‘Storage Wars Texas’ Recap ‘If I Were a Tibettin’ Man’

Storage Wars Texas is in Forth Worth, Texas for this episode with the regulars; Lesa Lewis and her partner Jerry Simpson, Morris “Moe” Prigoff, Victor Rjesnjansky, and Ricky and Bubba Smith.

This episode finds the bidders hoping to strike it rich at another person’s misfortune by winning hidden treasures. The first locker up for bid is sparse with particle board furniture and exercise equipment; something Bubba is allergic to. Lesa starts the bidding at $50 and ends it at $150, but the other regulars think it is nothing but junk.

The second one has a refrigerator, furniture and lots of tailgating dreams, like a smoker, coolers and sports stuff. Victor starts it at $50 and it ends with $200 from Ricky. Checking through the locker, they find sports memorabilia that are signed; but are they worth anything?

The third one is chock full of things that are great for a backyard. Lesa starts with $300 and it quickly goes higher. Finally the bid ends at $1,450 with Victor in a war against a woman in a wheelchair. Victor does not have his truck with him today, just his BMW, so he hired some locals to haul the stuff to his store in Tyler where he discovers a Tibetan copper pot used for goat’s milk in religious ceremonies with a value of $5,000.

Ricky and Bubba go to a Roy Williams’ house and verify if this is his signature on the helmets and sure enough, it is his. They take a picture with Roy and Ricky and the helmets for verification. So the bidders all made a profit.

Victor was the big winner with a profit of $4,325.

Ricky made $830 on the autographed memorabilia.

Lesa thought she had a big winner with an old Paymaster Check Writer but only made $65, as the Paymaster was worthless. Better luck next time on Storage Wars: Texas.

Photo: Wikimedia

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