‘Storage Wars’ to Lose Dave Hester? ‘YUUUP,’ It’s Happening

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Storage Wars is A&E’s hit show which introduced viewers to an eclectic (and sometimes eccentric!) cast of characters. It is hard to imagine the show without some of the original cast members, but it looks like tensions between the network and one key person from the cast have reached a head and that individual may be absent for most of the new season.

Love him or hate him, Dave Hester knows how to get people talking. Whether he is bidding up lockers against Jarrod or Darrell (just for fun) or yelling his signature “YUUUP,” when Dave is around, there is sure to be some drama. Apparently, though, the drama is getting to be too much and the network has locked Dave out from filming for the new season, Radar Online reports. The report says that Hester was offered a new contract, but had that offer rescinded.

A source said, “The network and production company has the power. The rest of the cast is working without having their contract issues fully worked out. And Hester simply was not allowed to tape. He had no offer.”

It seems that some of the cast members have asked for reimbursements when it comes to expenses. Rather than give in, the network would rather lock out these cast members. The network is rolling out so many new installments of the show with new casts of characters, but this installment was the original and introduced fans to a cast of characters with impeccable chemistry. Even though they certainly do not get along all the time, could you imagine a show without Jarrod and Brandi bickering? How about without Barry Weiss and his antics? And, who could forget The Gambler? Of course, the glue that holds the cast together is Dave Hester and everyone’s disdain for him.

To make matters worse, there is talk that the show may be fake. Who didn’t see that one coming, though? Is it possible to find any real reality television shows anymore? Some speculate that certain items are placed in the lockers beforehand so that the cast members will have interesting things to find. That certainly isn’t unbelievable, but if it would turn out to be true, it would take away from the magic that made the show. Obviously, every locker can’t have a treasure and, looking back, some of those items are incredibly rare, giving some credit to the claims.

Whether it is real or fake, Storage Wars is a great show and fans will be lucky enough to see Dave Hester tomorrow night for the premiere. After that, though, it is all up in the air.

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