Stormie Clark Fires Back At ‘OK!’ Magazine

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Stormie Clark, the mother of Derek Underwood, is not happy about a recent report by OK! Magazine. The tabloid claimed that she said she had never met Farrah Abraham and Derek’s daughter Sophia. However, she had met Sophia and was even photographed with her so many thought she was lying for sympathy, but that wasn’t the case.

“I did not lie. OK magazine lied. I did not tell them that I have not seen my granddaughter Sophia. They made it up. It’s a magazine. Of course they lie,” Stormie revealed. She had been doing an interview with the magazine about a few new claims Farrah had made about Derek in her new book.

Unfortunately, Stormie and Sophia haven’t spent much time together since they first met and it doesn’t seem like she’ll be seeing her any time lately. Although Farrah and Sophia recently moved back to Iowa, Farrah just doesn’t get along with Stormie and even though it would be great for Sophia to see her grandmother, they can’t seem to get past their issues.

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