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A Bit of Faith

by Don Ford




Faith enjoyed playing different sports in school.  She equally enjoyed watching sports. She could remember every call of every game she watched.  


She knew the stats of most of the baseball players of the past.  She had heroes in most every sport.  Her team favorites were too numerous to list.  Faith was more into individual players than whole teams anyway.


One day a local newspaper editor had stopped by the house to talk to Faith’s parents.  “Would you allow me to speak to your daughter, Faith, about doing a kids’ sport column for our paper.”



“Are you serious?”  The mother was surprised but thrilled for her daughter.  The column was a hit and the girl really did know her sports statistics.  It wasn’t long before her school drafted her to officiate at school games and she was calling the shots at each home game; all sports.


Faith was also her school’s Sports Reporter.  The local newspaper ran a story on Faith.  The article highlighted her skills, or should I say gifts.


The largest radio station in town read the clip on Faith’s accomplishments. Faith was a remarkable girl and was fast becoming a real sports icon, especially around her neck of the woods.


Then the radio began hosting the “Little Bit of Faith” show.  This knocked the sox off both of her parents.  Their little girl wasn’t little anymore, especially in the eyes of her classmates and neighbors in her town.


This story about Faith inspired other young people to do their very best in whatever vocation they chose to pursue.  


It was impossible to keep such a story under 

a hat.  The word spread like wildfire.  A young girl inspired by the many sports she loved, would go on to greater fame.  The biggest surprise came when the National Football League called the house.  They were looking

for an apprentice announcer for games held in the Northeast.


When the parents told them over the phone that Faith was only seven, they apologized for calling.  “Please call us when she is nearing graduation from High School.  We would like to talk to her then about a possible career.” 



I have done ten of these story chapbooks recently. They were catered to the child’s interest and were made specifically for that particular Grandchild for Christmas giving. 


A Bit of Faith

 A book made especially for

Faith J K


And Other Bronze books by 

Storyteller – Don Ford


The Plane that Refused to Fly

a book made especially for 

Carson D A


Another Who-Done-It

a book made especially for 

Jamar A I


You’re Out!

A book made especially for 

Trinity M KW


A Girl Adventure

Co-starring Monica J W

and made especially for her

Coming to a Theater Near You

A book made especially for 

Brody M K



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