Strange New Giant Insect Found (Video)

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A video on YouTube shows what looks like a new kind of insect, never seen before, moving strangely and more resembling a turtle than any other bug ever discovered.

The strange, giant new bug, with an outer body which resembles tree bark, moves slowly in front of the camera as two unidentified women, speaking in an Asian dialect, comment on the weird apparition.

What look like four legs are extended from each “corner” of the arthropod, but it seems the main means of locomotion are underneath what looks like a bark-like shell.

The head of the bug pokes out for a moment as it scurries along the ground with some kind of tree leaf underneath its body, perhaps of the type of food it usually eats.

So far, it seems this video is the only means of confirming this new insect, as a search for similar images, videos or any other kind of information to independently confirm that this is indeed a new find are not yet forthcoming.

Still, it doesn’t resemble any other kind of bug yet discovered so it seems to be a new entomological discovery.

Here’s the video:

What do you think? Can you identify this strange new bug?

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