Strange Quadrangle UFO Spooks Virginia Beach (Video)

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A weird, quadrangle-shaped UFO, of an unusual green color, hovered over Virginia Beach on Tuesday, spooking at least one guy who was just trying to throw out his trash in peace.

Walking outside his home, he noticed dogs barking excitedly and wondered what all the commotion was about as a neighbor mentioned strange noises. Then he looked up in the sky and caught a glimpse of this unusually shaped unidentified flying object hovering over the rooftops in his quiet neighborhood.

Fortunately he was able to grab his camera phone and took about 20 seconds of the footage shown below.

This UFO is unique because of its quadrangle shape and colors. It appears to be grayish at the edges and an aquamarine green at its center. It doesn’t look very aerodynamic, but it hovers silently before dipping past a rooftop and out of sight. What is it?

It never helps credibility when a video poster adds spooky music, courtesy of YouTube, but this case is strange enough to overlook that bit of misplaced showmanship, which actually detracts from the incident.

It can’t be denied that this is one of the most unique sightings in a while.

Here’s the video:

What do you think? Is this a UFO?

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