Strange Sounds Come from Sinkhole in Dagestan, Russia (Video)

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Has the source of the strange sounds heard worldwide been identified? The same weird noises that have been reported on dozens of videos on YouTube this week can be heard emanating from a sinkhole filmed in the Republic of Dagestan, Russia.

In the video, a giant hole in the ground is ringed by several people staring into the hole incredulously as strange sounds come from within. The noises sound just like those in other videos, machine-like groaning with no discernible source.

The area around the sinkhole doesn’t show any earth-moving equipment in the field of the camera’s view and the YouTube poster mentions being puzzled by the strange sounds as well.

Some theories for the worldwide phenomenon of weird noises propose that the sounds are coming from the Earth.

Increased “fracking” activities are being blamed for the noises as well as earthquakes, so it’s not much of a leap that there could be some kind of audio activity as a result as well.

But it’s not known if Russians are using that method to recover Natural Gas trapped in layers of rock deep underground.

Here’s the video:

What do you think? Could this be the source of the strange sounds being heard worldwide?

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