Strange Sounds Heard Around the World Debunked in YouTube Video

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The strange sounds heard around the world have actually been debunked. A new YouTube video shows that these weird noises are all fake. Are you surprised to hear this? Truly, did people think that aliens were coming or it was the end of the world?

A YouTube user named YonOtto said that each instance of these YouTube videos seem fishy. In fact, he analyzed all the instances of the noises that have been posted as “proof” of the phenomenon and posted what was really going on in each video. In some instances, the audio was obviously added after the video was recorded, which honestly is not that surprising.

While this unusual phenomenon has been interesting for people on the Internet to speculate about, it seems as if they have basically all been debunked and are not real. In some ways that is a bit sad, but in others, it wasn’t entirely unexpected.

Do you believe that any of the YouTube videos of the strange noises heard around the world are real, or are they all actually hoaxes? The details from the video which analyzes each instance are pretty hard to ignore. If you look at them yourself, you will probably be able to arrive at the same conclusion even though at least one government appears to be taking these weird noises seriously. Check out the video below. Do you believe it debunks the phenomenon? This entire story started with YouTube videos, so it’s no surprise that people have used the same platform to prove them fake.

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