Strange Sounds Heard Worldwide Blamed On… Palm Oil?

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The strange sounds heard worldwide have finally been explained. They are not the result of UFOs, aliens, earthquakes or even Steven Spielberg. And the drum roll please…

Apparently the “skyquakes” heard worldwide were caused by boiler mechanics at a palm oil factory in Malaysia!

Huh? Those must be some big boilers. Malaysian government officials held a press conference on Tuesday, trying to allay the fears of citizens who have demanded to know the source of the strange sounds heard on January 11 and 12.

Since then, the noises have been heard worldwide and have been attributed to alien invasion, viral publicity campaigns or Mother Earth herself.

Malaysian Science, Technology and Innovation deputy minister Fadillah Yusof told a packed room of journalists that “a (government) investigation committee believes that the ‘sky roar’ most likely came from the Felcra-owned oil palm factory in Kampung Endap on Jan 11 and 12 2012.”

It seems the palm oil boilers were due for some maintenance and they were upgraded overnight on those dates. Mystery solved?

Not likely. How can this explain the fact that these weird noises have been heard on virtually every continent and hundreds of videos have been posted to YouTube chronicling the phenomenon?

To be sure, plenty of those were fakes posted just to cash in on the craze which swept the world for those two weeks in January. But not every video has been exposed as a hoax and there are still those who believe there must be another explanation and origin.

It looks like the Malaysian people may be feeling a little safer, but the rest of the world still wants to know just where these strange sounds are coming from.

Stay tuned…

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