Strange Sounds Heard Worldwide Started In November 2011

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Investigation of the strange sounds heard around the world this week turns up the fact that the noises were first reported in November, 2011 emanating from Sweden and may coincide with earthquake activity in some of the instances reported so far.

But a very plausible theory being broached is that the strange sounds are a product of the HAARP meteorological experiments being conducted worldwide by the US government, making it yet another conspiracy started by shadow agencies for unknown purposes.

The creepy sounds, which remind “ear-witnesses” of Hollywood monster theme music, have been spooking the paranormal community for the last week, with no reasonable explanations being offered.

The strange sounds have yet to be identified, but an acronym, like UFO or OVNI, is likely on the way.

Perhaps they should be identified as a UHS? That would be an Unidentified Howling Sound.

Or maybe a UHO for Unidentified Howling Object?

Then it could be known as an Uh-Oh… very appropriate!

What do you think? Can you come up with an explanation or a more fitting acronym?

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