All Poems Written by Streaker (Dog of Robert) © 2011

All Photos © Robert C Burnham

Streaker says, Proudly Dedicated to…

Angela (we go way back)

Priya (for being sweet and pretty)

John Beck (what an icon baby!)


Aunt Randi (“aunt”, ‘nuff said)



7 Years 

When I found out that

One of my years was

Seven of theirs, I really

Wanted to bite old ‘Two-Legs’

But then I thought, no,

He feeds me regularly

We go places, like;

Into the woods

To the farm, the lake

Buffalo, The Alamo

And Myrtle Beach

So what if he has seven

More years to my one

I know how to keep him




Yeah, I Do Eat That 

All things brown and beautiful

All things brown and small

All things brown and edible

The neighbor’s dog made them all 



I Had a Cat Once 

I had a cat once

He had many issues

‘Two-Legs’ left him in San Antone

I never even groped for tissues


But thinking back,


The cat was fun, and I know

My bark was so appealing

I would let one out while cat

Was napping

Leaving him upside down

And clinging to the ceiling



Three Commandments 

From a single voice

I learned some words

And loved three most of all


I was going to that wonderful place

On the other side of the door


Ooh, Yes, Two-Legs going with me

I can finally leave the yard


My head out the window

My face in the wind

A little over the speed limit

‘Born to be Wild…” 



My biological clock

Places me in Heat

‘Two-Legs’ tries to ignore it

We’ve been there before



My mind ponders Huskies

A big strong Husky from the north

With a white fluffy belly

And a big, hmmm, bone



If my northern knight

Does not arrive

There’s always




Airedales flying through the windows

German Shepherds in uniform;




In my dreams

I’ll have nine puppies

Maybe even more

I’ll lie on a blanket

In the shade

Nursing my whole score



What will happen when

They all grow up

I do not worry about all that

They will all go live with their

Uncle Teddy

Who already has nine dogs

And a cat

And my Aunt Randi will

Really love that





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