Streaking UFO Filmed over NYC (Video)

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A streaking UFO was caught on video over a Taco Bell in NYC as it zoomed past the camera. Probably not even noticed at the time, it was likely discovered on the video after later review.

The video itself is a study in mundane boredom. A couple are pulling up to a drive through window at a Taco Bell as the wife trains the camera on the utterly boring sight of her husband getting ready to give the attendant an order for food.

Why this is the subject of a video is anybody’s guess, but it actually points out one of the reasons more and more UFO sightings are being caught on tape.

It seems just about everybody has a constantly evolving, high quality video camera in their pockets.

As the short video plays out, a streaking, unidentified flying object briefly appears outside the driver’s side window. It is little more than an elongated blur and is traveling much too fast to be a jet or an airplane.

It’s possible it’s a comet or a meteor, but its short tail doesn’t resemble that natural phenomenon, which usually trails out behind the head and leaves a smoky signature.

This object doesn’t resemble a falling star, a contrail or chemtrail and it’s much too fast to be a bird or a balloon.

So, what is it?

Here’s the video:

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