Stripper Arrested in Craigslist Scam

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Many people use Craigslist to find bargains during tough economic times. Unfortunately, criminals are also using the website — to target those same individuals. Such was the case when a Brandon, Florida woman used an ad for a television to lure in unsuspecting victims who might have lost more than just a deal.

Unfortunately, that’s just what happened to Tom Nieves, according to ABC Action News in Tampa. He answered a listing for a TV set and was told by the woman selling it he could stop by and see it before he decided to buy. What he says happened next wasn’t part of the deal.

Angie Baxley had arranged to have a few men waiting at the house — but not for anyone’s protection. They beat him up and robbed him.

To add insult to injury, he was called a week later by someone claiming to have found his id in the woods and asking him what it was worth to him to get it back, adding that she was an exotic dancer and could sweeten the deal with lap dances.

It’s both morally repulsive and a reminder to everyone that you never know who or what you’re going to get when you call a number on Craigslist… and that someone who is a pathological liar or in serious need of a shrink has mischief in mind. It seems Florida has no shortage of screwy woman willing to hurt other people for kicks, and use Craigslist to do it.

Take the Florida woman last June who posted a fake ad inviting men to knock around her new husband’s ex-wife for sexual kicks. The ex-wife could have been killed, by someone thinking that she really was interested in a little rough play. In fact, the Bradenton woman even went so far as to set up fake email accounts, posing as the woman she likely hoped would be injured — or, at the very least, harassed.

In that case, Natasha Larson (the new wife) admitted that she had set up the ex, and had a flattering mug shot taken while she pondered her new roles as both wife and newly minted felon.

People will buy (and sell) anything these days, it seems… especially over the internet.

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