Student Arrested for Remarks about Tech Tragedy

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   A student at the University of Colorado in Boulder was arrested Tuesday for making comments that he could understand how someone could kill 32 people.  He was to appear in court this afternoon for “suspicion of interfering with staff, faculty or students of an education institution”.    Have we truly sunk so deeply into mob mentality that one cannot present an unpopular point of view without facing legal action?  Are we going to allow fear to lead us down this dark path toward thought police?  Am I being silly to be so concerned about this? 

  I can hear a likely reply now: “Well if you go around saying stuff like that, you should expect to get what’s coming to you”.  I’ve heard things like that before.  Isn’t it wrong to allow this sort of mob control over which of our thoughts is allowed to be expressed?


   Is anyone else as disturbed by this turn of events as I am?;_ylt=AkCBz6cNug1sJXiVokELF1lH2ocA

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