Student banned from wearing T-shirt which says, ‘All the cool girls are lesbians.’

A student in Massachusetts wore a shirt saying “All the cool girls are lesbians!” The student was asked to cover up and now the ACLU is involved. The principal says it is not the message but the disruptive nature of the sexual message.

My take is that no message should be allowed. Let’s go to uniforms, so we don’t have these problems because you can never take away a student’s freedom of speech, so instead, in order to satisfy the ACLU, we should take away all freedom and put these kids in uniforms.

Uniforms would do away with flags, message, and envy. I had a student with a T-shirt with a picture of marijuana on it. I sent him to the principal and it started a big ruckus at school.

So if kids and parents continue to push the point with the help of the ACLU, uniforms are the only solution.

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