Student Forced by Teacher to Urinate in a Bucket

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To be forced to urinate in a bucket is preposterous, right? Well, maybe not so much. San Diego’s Patrick Henry High School art teacher, Gonja Wolf, has been placed on administrative leave following these allegations of inappropriate conduct. A complaint filed by the 14-year-old high school student’s attorney claims that Wolf told his client that she couldn’t use the bathroom but, rather, take a bucket to another room to urinate.

After the incident, students began teasing the young woman forced to so badly that she “no longer feels safe or comfortable” at the school. According to the complaint, the high school has a policy of not allowing students to use the bathroom. However, this claim is denied by Linda Zintz, the district spokeswoman. Lamenting to the San Diego Union-Tribune, Zintz states that the school administrators advise teachers to reduce the number of bathroom breaks the students take.

Reduce the number? Yes. Force students to urinate in buckets? No. The plaintiffs are asking for approximately $25,000.00 in damages for psychological and medical treatment, as well as, asking the district to pay for the young woman’s homeschooling. The homeschooling request seems a little excessive but if this claim holds true, then the student deserves some reparations.

Many students might have simply disregarded the teacher, walked out the class, and used the bathroom. For following this teacher’s demented orders to urinate in a bucket, this teen definitely should be compensated.

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