Students Forced to Wax Teacher’s Pubic Hair

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Students of Dahl’s College of Beauty alleged that their instructors exposed them to improper teaching techniques and even sexual harassment. The most traumatic allegation against the instructors is that the instructees were reportedly forced to wax the pubes of their instructors. Well, that’s weird.

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A lawsuit was filed on August 14th citing the complaints that the enrollees had each paid nearly $10,000 in fees to attend this rinky-dink looking establishment, which also made use of government funds. The plaintiffs allege that the instructors were sleeping, surfing the internet, conducting business and failing to “properly teach the curriculum” set in place. They also failed to supervise untrained attendants of the school.

Perhaps the most disgusting part of this is that an instructor who was promoted to the role of director, harassed the students and overstepped comfort boundaries by “publicly exposing her genitals, exposing her buttocks and requesting that students examine a boil to see if it could be extracted, and requiring students to wax her pubic hair.”

Certainly the people who attended this so called college will have a hard time remembering that director, but it’s unknown if any of them complied with her requests. Common sense would dictate that a person would run out of the establishment screaming and spraying bleach into their eyes so as to “unsee” the horror boil.

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