Students Give Pot Brownies to Classmates and Teacher, ‘Poisoning’ Them

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Two students brought pot brownies to “bring food to school day” Friday without letting anyone know that the goodies were laced. One teacher that ingested the brownies was sent to the emergency room after she started losing consciousness while teaching and three students were treated for THC poisoning, according to the report. Five others reported being sick but were not treated. Overall, several people became ill, raising the question of what else was put into these brownies.

Most any marijuana supporter has never heard of these symptoms from eating a marijuana-laced brownie or smoking in general. The two students have been arrested on assault charges, and even though Colorado has legalized recreational marijuana consumption, officials still say that offering it to someone without their consent is against the law and will not be tolerated.

Nobody condones the practice of these two students, but marijuana advocates are baffled because straight marijuana would not produce these results. This must have been a homegrown batch that had something else other than just marijuana added. Parents and teachers of the university are also concerned that these sorts of practices will become more widely out of hand until recreational use is better regulated and figured out. Simply giving a classroom plain pot brownies would not have caused this issue unless something were added or individual medications of students and the instructor were causing mixed signals.

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