Studies Reveal that Math Hurts

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New studies have proven that doing math can hurt your brain. Wow! Math hurts! Don’t let the kids know any of this, just like not letting them know that Santa Clause exists!

Doing the Math

According to, the University of Chicago has conducted studies on people while doing math. The studies have revealed that people get anxious when anticipating on doing math and, therefore, the brain registers a section that triggers physical pain.

The studies have revealed that this anxiety actually occurs when the person is anticipating to be challenged by math and not actually doing it. This is still bad news for parents, if kids find out! reports that when an individual is asked to do math, it triggers the posterior insula of the brain, which is associated to responding to threats and pain.

Excellent, lazy kids all over the world will now blame their math teacher for headaches. Also, they will start to use this excuse to not do their work. Kids will claim mathache syndrome or something of that sort because math hurts!

The only thing saving math is the fact that, like math teachers always say, “It will save your life one day when in time of need!”

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