Study: Sleeping Next to Pets Could be Harmful to Health

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A new study finds that sleeping next to pets could be harmful to your health. Experts recommend leaving your pets on a spot next to the bed rather than on the bed.

Over 60% of households in America have pets, and anywhere from 14% to 62% let their dogs or cats sleep with them. However, this habit is one that can be dangerous because of animal to human disease transmission.

Bruno Chomel of the University of California-Davis said, “There are private places in the household, and I think our pets should not go beyond next to the bed. Having a stuffed animal in your bed is fine, not a real one.” What do you think? Is your bed a private place from your furry friends? If it isnÂ’t are you concerned for either your own or your dog or cat’s health?

The sad thing for animal owners is not only can humans get sick from their animals, but also pets can occasionally get sick from their humans. The list of diseases that humans and animals can pass to each other is quite scary and includes the plague, chagas disease and cat-scratch disease to name just a few.

The risk of getting ill from sleeping with your dog or cat is rare, but it does happen especially with people whose immune systems are compromised, or in very young children. The biggest thing to come out of this new study is that pet owners need to use common sense such as hand washing after playing with pets as well as regular veterinary visits to ensure your petÂ’s wellness.

Do you sleep with your pets? If you do, will this new study change anything about what you do?

Study: Sleeping Next to Pets Could be Harmful to Health

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