Stuffed Bananas: A Magical Coring Device from Argentina Coming Soon

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Stuffed bananas filled with delights like chocolate and dulce de leche may become a reality soon, thanks to Argentinian businessman, Sebastian Berger. He’s created a device, similar to an apple corer, that removes the center of a banana and fills the hole with anything imaginable.

Fun with Bananas

The device used to create stuffed bananas is called DestapaBanana, and it’s being promoted as a hygienic process for turning bananas into exciting desserts. Berger believes that his invention will revitalize the fruit market by making people more prone to buy produce when it can be transformed into something fun. Berger has already patented the device in several countries, and he’s begun marketing it aggressively.

Sharapova BananaHow to Make Stuffed Bananas

The DestapbaBanana device looks like a hollow bicycle pump. The banana fits inside and a metallic syringe first cores the banana and then doubles its purpose as a conduit for the dessert filling, or whatever substances users wish to stuff inside. The banana is still fully peeled and intact, but with a special surprise inside. A video posted on YouTube in 2007 shows DestapaBanana in its infancy with a test market of young children. The video demonstrated that the kids were happy to eat multiple bananas, as long as they had artificial sweeteners inside.

Granted, there are health benefits to adding produce to one’s diet, but doesn’t adding a bunch of fake sugar negate those benefits?

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