Stupid Crimes of 2010 – The Year’s Dumbest Criminals

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As the year comes to an end it is natural to reflect upon the good, the bad, and the just plain dumb. Here are some of the year’s dumbest criminals and their stupid crimes of 2010 in review.

Why does it seem like a good percentage of the dumbest criminals live in Florida? Can too much sun really fry the brain?

In one stupid crime of 2010 a Florida man tried using his lawnmower as a getaway car. Needless to say, he didnÂ’t get away.

Another Florida man’s “I’m Me” tattoo across his forehead made it ridiculously easy for police to identify him as their suspect in a number of iPhone burglaries.

LetÂ’s not leave out the Florida man who thanked police who found his long lost bong in the trunk of his car while they were arresting him.

The Transportation Security Administration made news quite a bit this fall with the full-body scanners. One TSA employee, Rolando Negrin, got picked on about the size of his penis while testing the full-body scanner at the Miami International Airport. Negrin didnÂ’t grin. Instead, he used a baton to beat his co-worker.

Of course, not all of the stupid crimes of 2010 happened in Florida. Other parts of the country are blessed with these dumb criminals, as well.

One of the strangest, perhaps, was the case of Moss Man in Oregon. A 36-year-old man covered himself in a moss-and-grass costume and attempted to break his way through the wall of a rock and mineral museum. He was found out after police dogs bit into “a mossy patch of grass which yelped in pain.”

In another costume gone wrong, a 19-year old man dressed as a Breathalyzer test for Halloween got himself in trouble with the law after he failed a breathalyzer test given to him by cops.

There is a pretty long list of stupid criminals this past year, too many to review them all. Here is one more.

A burglary suspect in Tennessee was locked up after police found him by his clothing which was stained with hot sauce. Before the suspect left the burglarized home he “smashed a few bottles of hot sauce against a wall.” He certainly did leave a hot trail of evidence.

Which of these dumb crimes would get your vote for the stupidest stupid crimes of 2010?

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