Stupid Criminal Alert: Thief Sells Purse Back to Victim

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Elizabeth Kidd (a 36-year-old California woman) may be San Jose’s stupidest criminal. The woman stole a purse and a pair of shoes off of her next door neighbor’s apartment building doorstep and then tried to sell them on the internet.

Thief Sells Purse to Victim

Kidd listed the $1,400 purse online and the victim found it for sale. The victim arranged to meet the seller in Millbrae, CA and she alerted the police of the theft. Kidd was arrested by police for selling stolen goods, but she claimed that the purse and shoes had been given to her.

Modern Neighborhoods Lack Personal Interaction

While Kidd is definitely a stupid criminal, the story of “thief sells purse back to victim” is a classic sign of neighbors in modern society not knowing each other or being friendly to each other. Kidd viewed the victim as a faceless victim and didn’t even recognize the female victim who tried to rebuy the stolen purse.

Apartment Building 1930s

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