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This Week’s Challenge:

Write the bio you want to see on the dust jacket of your next published book. Your publisher will specify the length but, for our purposes, you have three paragraphs with no more than one hundred words in each paragraph. If it’s a book of poetry, it would make perfect sense to write the bio in poetry and you have only three stanzas with no more than ten lines in each stanza.


Pam is highly recognized as an expert in real estate foreclosures. This background shows throughout her book. Her #1 sale brought to her a much need royalty. She is a published author and continues to write through love of writing and her magic pen.

You will see her foreclosure real estate knowledge sprinkled through this book. An example is Al, the fat, greedy President of the United States. Through her actions, WWIII began which of course had a huge impact on real estate. This was caused by the many bombs. Al was later turned to a toad, ate insects and through the ‘what goes in, must come out’ adage, she helped little by little to rebuild real estate.

This is a must buy book. Not only will you increase your knowledge of real estate, but also of carrots, onions, the pink platypus, Flyzies and many more interesting things.

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