Subway Restaurant Is Top Chain – Bye-bye McDonald’s?

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The Subway restaurant chain has now surpassed McDonald’s as the top and largest restaurant chain globally. Does this mean people are eating healthier?

Reports from end 2010 show Subway having 33,749 worldwide restaurants and over 24,000 nationwide. McDonald’s has 32,737 locations worldwide and is expanding in Asia.

Subway can credit its recent growth to their $5 dollar footlong and a large amount of advertising. But is there something else? What about the growing trend to eat healthier?


With nationwide and worldwide obesity rates soaring, Subway may be expanding at just the right time. Their offer of low-fat choices and fresh fruit can help their growth.

McDonald’s may be a “household name,” but with their high-fat foods and lawsuits about Happy Meal toys, it might just give Subway restaurants the edge to become the leading choice.

What is your favorite of the two? Is convenience of a drive-thru a weighing factor to choose McDonald’s, or is healthy eating more important?

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