‘Sucker Punch’ movie trailer released, not your typical chick flick

The ‘Sucker Punch’ movie trailer is here! If you were not one of the lucky 6,500 or so people that got to see the sneak peek at Comic-Con over the weekend, you didn’t have to wait long for the studio to give us the new ‘Sucker Punch’ trailer.

Though it stars a mostly all female cast, don’t let ‘Sucker Punch’ punch fool you. Directed by Zack Snyder (of ‘300’ and the pretty gruesome ‘Watchmen’) the movie looks like a special effects and action gem. Snyder describes the picture as “’Alice in Wonderland’ with machine guns.”

The movie co-stars Vanessa Hudgens, Abbie Cornish, Emily Browning, Jamie Chung, and Jena Malone. According to Imdb.com:

Sucker Punch is a movie about little girl who is trying to hide from the pain caused by her evil stepfather and lobotomy. She ends up in mental institution and while there she starts to imagine alternative reality. She plans to escape from that imaginary world but to do that she needs to steal five objects before she is caught by a vile man. Story is set in 1950’s.

Preparing for such an action movie was hard work for these up-and-coming ladies. “We probably at the beginning all felt like, oh my God, we don’t look like fighters. We’re kind of all little girls. We trained… really hard. We had Navy SEALs training us. We trained for three months, six hours a day. And we got strong,” said Emily Browning in a recent interview.

‘Sucker Punch’ is due out in movie theaters next spring. Until then, enjoy the new trailer:


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